Tuesday, January 9, 2018


I was thinking about Sheila the other day and decided to try and find her. We never had a relationship as I was married, but I had a nasty crush on her. She was a city girl, but was very comfortable in the woods or in a canoe. She was very sweet, quiet, gentle and kind, but reasonably self-assured and was a calming influence when she was around. She wasn't a beauty queen (who is?) but easy enough to look at and very pleasant to be with. The last time I saw her she was pregnant with a daughter. I don't know who the father of the child was and I can't remember if I told her or just thought that I wished the child was mine. It was thirty years ago after all. The daughter kept her mother's last name as her own and is all grown up now. My heart sank yesterday when I found Sheila's obituary from two and a half years ago. She died after a two year battle with cancer. She was only 58. I am sure she will be missed.

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