Monday, August 14, 2017

Same issue, different decade

My dear friend A has the same issue as my old friend Katie. A former love in her life is gone, but stops back occasionally. In Katie's case he would sleep with her and then leave and not be heard from for a year or so and then show up again. A has an ex who lives on the other side of the border. He left her for someone else and several years later she still carries a torch for him. When she goes to Thunder Bay to see a movie with friends or some other reason. She has fun, but you can see a little melancholy in her sparkly eyes. It makes me sad that she is sad and I wish I could do something to help her get over him entirely, but I am just a man. I do adore her and she would be blind to not see it even though I try not to be too attentive. She doesn't need more problems in her life.

I am really glad she confides in me a little and makes me want to hold her until she gets past it all, but I can only be a sympathetic and supportive friend. That is what I have tried to be and would never ask for more. Although if she said the right words I would probably throw away my life as it is and go with her. It's just the way I feel sometimes. Feeling it all the time creates a constant craving (thank you K.D. Lang) that goes completely away. It hovers in the background never far from my consciousness. I often call it forward when I go to bed and even though I feel the need I also feel a calmness that I get from this wonderful human being. Don't tell her I said that.

I wanted to send this to her, but it might make it worse. It is a beautiful song sung by Raylene Rankin lamenting men telling her loving things before running off with another.

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