Monday, July 17, 2017

A is amazing

I try to leave her alone so I don't seem so needy and I don't want to interfere with her life. As long as I am married I don't think it is possible to do more which will only serve to make me want to be in her company. So I just try and lay back. Normally I am the one to initiate any contact maybe because I can't help myself. There are always things I want to talk to her about, but I don't want to push it.

This time she initiated it via text message. Her vehicle was dead and she needed a jump. Unfortunately, I was already back home and I don't get reception there. She eventually got a coworker and her boyfriend to help, but to no avail. Her ride is in the shop now. I am in town for work every day and offered her my vehicle and also my bike since hers is out of commission. She offered me strawberries as she and another coworker had gone to Thunder Bay for strawberry picking and a movie.

She also practices mindfulness and meditation to keep her stable. I suffer from depression, too, but have been working to deal with it via alternative methods as the medical anti depressants don't seem to be much help and cause unpleasant side effects. I need her to help me learn to meditate in a more focused way.

I really appreciate her friendship and support and kindness. She is pretty enough, but it is what is inside that makes her a ravishing beauty to me. Keeping my emotions in check is a challenge, but worth it to keep her friendship. I absolutely do not want to jeopardize that.

I'll melt some chocolate for her to dip strawberries into. Positively sinful. See you later, A. Be happy and stay well.