Thursday, June 1, 2017


Yesterday I got to visit with or write to three of my favorite local women.  A and e and their friend Y all in separate places and circumstances. These women are all very capable and independent and have some serious talents in the arts and music. They are all in their forties, but not for long in one or two cases, and of course they are all physically and mentally attractive in their individual ways. At that age many women still are, at least to me.

It does this old mans heart and soul good to interact with such people and brightens my day. While I sometimes have momentary fantasies about any of them I just push them aside. Since I am married none of them are the type to screw around with that status and there are way more younger and attractive men available to them. It does make me wish I was fifteen years younger, but wishing is for dreamers. I am a dreamer, but I try to turn my dreams toward reality. Otherwise its just an exercise in frustration.

Lucky for me I am in a position to help them with some of their needs even though they are all the practical needs, not needs of the heart. At least I feel needed for something and that's good. I guess I find them all adorable in different ways, but I am happy to be their friend if nothing else. It was a good day.

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