Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I got away

I got to go away for about four days last weekend. It was off to an adult language and culture immersion camp. I had nearly forgotten how much fun it was to learn and laugh with new friends and old ones. Even if we only see each other once a year, but keep up a little on Facebook. It helps to shake off the back home relationships such as they are.

It reminds me that even if I am lost in my relationships at home and have been friend-zoned in others that there is still a world out there and possibilities for new friends and whatever else may come. It gives the self confidence and self worth a bit of a boost. After this past year I could really use that. Maybe I even started this blog because I remember some good times in the past and miss those.

Off to marriage counseling tomorrow, but the wife gave me some good thoughts the other day. She saw how much I enjoyed camp and explained that she understood that her dreams for the future and mine are probably not the same. As we only have so many years left on this side of the dirt she understands that I may want to go in a different direction. It is the most positive thing she has told me without strings attached. Maybe there is hope for the future. My future. In the meantime she still has severe jealousy issues. Rather than tell her I have talked to or seen anyone at all I just don't tell her. It's too bad really as it's easier for me to be up front about such things, but rather than have the potential hissy fit I just leave it alone and live in a separate world.

For the handful of you who read this blithering of mine I thank you. If you want to comment please do so. I am not terribly judgemental and I'M the one putting my foolishness out here for anyone to see. I'm not argumentative by nature and I honestly believe that I can learn something from nearly everyone out there. I will always be appreciative of any input given.

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