Thursday, January 19, 2017


Jill was a friend all through college.  She was a cute and petite woman from the large, nearby, Midwestern city.  For four years we kidded and teased each other with double entendres and gave each other suggestive looks. But like everything else at school nothing ever came of it and I was sure most of the women there, no matter how lovely, were intending to stay virgins until marriage or become nuns. While I dreamed and drooled over some of them I never heard of many sexual escapades among them. 

After graduation I decided to stay in town for the summer and get some sort of job as I still had to eat and pay rent. I took a room in a house with a bunch of guys I knew and paid about $36 a month for me and my dog and paid my share of the utilities which amounted to another five or ten dollars depending on my long distance bill. 

Early on a hot summer evening while I was sitting around doing nothing, which was the thing I was best qualified to do, a woman came walking down the street to the house. That in itself was rare, but it was none other than my flirty friend Jill! 

We were genuine college graduates now and considered to be adults in some circles. Well, we caught up on our post graduate lives and flirted some more only this time it was different. We didn’t have to stop at innuendos. Nope, we kept right on flirting and acting upon our promises and threats until we ended up in my room. We kept the poor dog awake all night with our endless sexual escapades. Four years of foreplay had done its trick and we didn’t stop until we were completely exhausted and the sun had risen again. We were sated and sore, but smiling. She headed out for the big city after getting a little sleep and I wanted to see her again. 

A week or two later I hitchhiked and walked to her house, but she wasn’t home. I did talk to her parents at some point and found out she was out of town at the moment. She also had a boyfriend. Uh-oh.  Well, what we had was a one-time thing, unfortunately, and I never saw her again. About ten years later I ran into her parents at the resort where I worked and asked about her. It was long after that glorious night and they told me she was on her third marriage as they rolled their eyes.

It has been over forty years since that wild and lusty evening and if I ever run into her again I hope I would be able to talk her into trying a repeat performance. We probably couldn’t accomplish that, but it would sure be fun to try.     

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