Sunday, October 2, 2016


I met her over the phone at work. She was a receptionist and clerk at a copier company and we had talked about once a week for over a year before I met her in person at a trade show. She was a petite blonde and pretty cute with an endearing smile. Not a ravishing beauty, but we had a lot of interests in common and a similar viewpoint on most things.

We were both Neil Young fans and eventually I would bring my guitar to her place and we would sing along with or without the record. We also enjoyed smoking a little weed and laughing together. After a year or so I felt like I was falling in love with her, but she had one serious hangup that would prevent it. An old boyfriend that she still carried a torch for. He would show up once or twice a year, sleep with her and then be gone again without so much as a word in between. She just could never get over him.

Once I had a little too much to drink and ended up at her place confessing my love and making an utter fool of myself. She explained that her heart belonged to another even five years after they had broken up. She put me to bed on her sofa and fed me some breakfast in the morning.

We still saw each other and did stuff, but eventually an old friend from college, Donna, came back into my life and Katie slowly faded away.

Years later I found that she would sometimes come visit the area where I lived. She was with her family, her husband, and their twins. There was something major going on so that I was unable to get away to visit her, but we have found each other and renewed our friendship on Facebook. She is a grandmother now, but still cute and friendly with the same winning smile. The weird thing about the guy she eventually married is that if we stood side by side I am sure someone would think we were brothers. Who knows, maybe love is all about timing.

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