Friday, September 30, 2016


Way back in college I met a lot of great people, some of whom have remained friends ever since. Too many were lost to the passing of time.

When I was a sophomore there was this very cute freshman from South Dakota who caught my eye. When I got to know her a little she stole my heart. She was very smart, very kind and thoughtful, and was freckled with strawberry blonde hair. I was completely smitten.

She came with some issues, of course, but they were very understandable. Everyone came with a boyfriend or girlfriend back home and that was to be expected. Judi had one thing that was pretty tough, though. Her minister father had recently run off with the woman next door leaving his wife and three or four daughters in shock. She would feel the effects of this for quite some time.

After a while we thought we might be in love, but the boyfriend back home still had a hold on her. She asked if it was possible to love two guys at the same time. The smart answer would have been yes, but I think I gave her about every other answer. What an idiot I was. The relationship started to fade after that and we eventually got on with our lives.

She had thought about Harvard Divinity School for graduate work early on ( I wasn't as religious as she was), but she ended up going to medical school and becoming a doctor in the Chicago area at a teaching hospital and a regular hospital. I tried contacting her through Facebook a few years back, but never heard anything so I just had to let it go. It doesn't appear that she ever married and I saw a recent picture of her with her mother and sisters. They were all smiling and beautiful and it still made my heart ache just a little for a love I missed out on. I am sure she is still the kind and caring person I knew back then and I am pretty sure I could have loved her forever.   

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Way back when I was still working in an urban environment and wearing a tie I met a few nice women at work. I know there is a saying about not dipping your pen in the company ink, but with over 50 employees and some general socializing going on among them it was difficult if two people hit it off to not act on their impulses.

One of the sweetest women I ever met was Cindy. She was a farm girl from the central part of the state, kind of tall and lean with sparkling eyes and a kind smile. We were friends and always would be, but we were lovers for a while, too, even though she was eight years younger than me. We were both in our twenties.

I ended up married and moving away and a few years later so did she. Cindy had moved to an area that I get to a couple of times a year and wrote to me early on. For years I would try and remember to find a way to visit her and her husband if I could, but it just didn't happen. Every so often I would think of her and I was able to find where she lived so I could contact her for a visit.

I was going to have to head that direction in a couple of weeks and thought it might be fun to look her up, so I did a quick internet search to see if anything in her life had changed. It had. A little over a year ago she died at home. There are a lot of people whose lives were touched by this woman and who will miss her. I am just one of them.

From her obituary.
She was born Sept., 19xx, and adopted by xxx and xxx April xx, 19xx, from xxx Children’s Home Society in xxx.
Cindy was baptized at the xxx Church in xxx, and confirmed at thexxxChurch in xxx.
Cindy grew up third generation on the family farm, and loved animals. Their horses, and showing cattle at the fair in 4-H were her favorites. She was very artistic and enjoyed drawing, painting, and cross stitching.
After graduating from xxxHigh School in 19xx, Cindy moved to xxx and worked as a receptionist.
She was united in marriage to xxx June xx, 19xx, at the xxx in xxx.
Cindy made her home in xxx, and surrounded herself with friends. She was hardworking, and enjoyed the tourist seasons along the xxx, working at local resorts over the years.
Cindy was very interested and knowledgeable about antiques, and loved to reminisce with her parents about the farm’s heritage.
She was a kind, generous, and loving woman, and will be greatly missed.


Sunday, September 4, 2016


She was the first real girlfriend I ever had. There was no question that our love was mutual and we lost our virginity together. We overcame our shyness together because we were so trusting and comfortable with each other. I was totally head over heels nuts about her. To me she was everything I could hope for in a relationship with a woman. I would never have believed two people could have so much in common.

It was our senior year in high school and the year was 1969. She was fairly athletic and strong and on the swimming team and softball team. I didn't mind that she could out throw or out swim me at all. She had to buy her dress sizes a little larger because of her shoulders, but she was the softest and most gentle person I had ever known.

After we went off to college we started being unable to see each other much and our lives were going in other directions. That was such a shame, but it was where we were going. She stayed out East and I stayed in the Midwest. However, we had carved our initials on each others hearts and mostly due to here diligence we never lost contact with each other.

I am still in the Midwest and she is out in Oregon, but we still correspond regularly and confide in each other even though we haven't seen each other in over forty years. I am sure we have both aged, but there will always be a place for us in each of our hearts.