Monday, August 29, 2016

Expressing love and friendship

There is a way of expressing love that has a Buddhist idea behind it. I am not a Buddhist, but I admire their teachings, at least what little I understand.

I read that love can be a gift given freely without expectation of reciprocation or even acknowledgement. In other words, I can give love to someone in order to get it out of me. Whether the other person accepts it is of no real consequence. It is theirs whether or not they want it or want to ignore it or anything in between. It is mine to give and makes me feel better. I can only hope the other person can take something from it.

I suppose the same thing would even work for friendship. If given unconditionally it is still given. If the receiver of such a gift was adamant about not wanting it that person would have to do something quite hateful to make me regret the gift. As I am not a hateful person by nature that would be possible, but unlikely.

I am not sure, though, if the gifts of love and friendship would cause hurt to the person the are given to what should be done. Offer a retraction? I don't want to cause anyone pain or even discomfort, so I guess I would have to determine if an offer of love or friendship would be taken badly. In other words I should be very sure of my offer and not take it lightly even if the desire to blurt it out was strong.  

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